Distills Insights from a Sprawling Collection of Data

For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Susan in the User Experience Group. Among her many gifts, Susan brings a depth of experience, a keenly analytical mind, and a passion for all things user-centered.

Susan is incredibly articulate and professional, whether she’s participating in a team meeting, presenting a site visit report, interviewing a customer, or conducting a usability test. Another quality I appreciate is her directness; she is straightforward in her communication, ready to surface and work through any issues that need to be addressed.

I deeply admire Susan’s ability to organize and synthesize information. She can take a sprawling collection of qualitative data gathered from a customer and distill the insights that will help a team move to the next phase. Furthermore, Susan recently spearheaded an effort to create an online repository of customer data; this will allow a broader, more diverse group of people to access this information and use it in their decision-making.

Susan is enthusiastic about expanding her knowledge and improving her skills; her energy and curiosity inspire me to want to learn more too.

Finally, Susan is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person, with a great sense of humor. She is a great listener, and makes people feel fully heard; that is a rare gift. It is truly a joy to work with Susan; she makes work feel less like work


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